When One Door Closes, Another Opens


Dear Cherished Life Yogis,

It is with a heavy, yet hopeful, heart that I announce Cherished Life is closing its doors at Cafe of Life after February 7th. Our building is now under new management and construction, which has brought sudden, unexpected changes, including the loss of our studio.

However, our Cherished Life community is not disappearing, and it is my hope that you continue to feel supported in your practice and life. We have found a temporary home just minutes from Cafe of Life to continue our special events through the month of February. Please join us for some of our best offerings to date at All Life is Yoga to close out this chapter and to bless the new one. The new address is 27 Waddell St, Suite D, Atlanta, GA 30307.

I would love for the final few weeks to be a celebration of the time we've spent together, and I hope to see you at as many workshops and events as you can make. Please check the event calendar for the latest happenings, and stay tuned to find out where we land next -- and be sure to join us for our final celebration at the end of the month.

Thank you for your love and continued support through this transitional period. It has been such a blessing to offer and share this space with you, and I look forward to discovering a new path together!

With gratitude and love,


Posted on February 1, 2016 .

We've changed our name, but not our passion.

Dear Cherished Readers,

With open arms we welcome the ever-lengthening days of warmth and light of spring, nature’s powerful cues for renewal. It’s the perfect time to effect a positive change in our lives. And with that in mind, we’ve changed our name from Om Point Yoga to Cherished Life, a name we feel better reflects our mission, culture and philosophy. Our new name brings us more into alignment with all of our services: Yoga, Pre + Postnatal Support and Wellness.

Don’t worry, we still offer the same yoga classes you love -- plus so much more. Please update your address book and help us spread the word. Like us on Facebook for updates, visit our new home at www.mycherishedlife.com and email us at hello@mycherishedlife.com.  

Click here to find out what’s new at Cherished Life in April!

Om Point has a New Home

New Beginnings

After nearly a year of twist and turns and ups and downs on our journey to find the right space, it brings me great joy to announce Om Point has a new studio home within Cafe of Life Grant ParkWe will begin offering both daytime and evening classes Tuesday, September 9th, with plans for more growth and expansion in October!

Om Point studio within Cafe of Life Grant Park!

Om Point studio within Cafe of Life Grant Park!

When Shavonna and I founded this company two years ago, our vision was to create a community that made yoga available to anyone seeking balance, health and healing. Fast forward to today with that same idea of YogAccessibility in mind - the focus is shifting to a more holistic vision. One that not only encourages you to do yoga, but live your yoga. One of my favorite quotes by the great teacher, T.K.V. Desikachar says it best:

"The success of yoga does not lie in the ability to perform postures but in how it positively changes the way we live our life and our relationships."

In today's world, where we are constantly on the go and worried about one thing after another, it is important that we learn to slow down, turn inward and tune in to what really matters. I'm hoping that our blossoming community can offer you that guidance and more.

Located within Cafe of Life, a vitalistic healing center offering chiropractic care, massage, a natural nail salon and now a robust yoga program, we guarantee there will be something for everyone in the coming months! 

A variety of yoga and wellness services will be offered to suit your individual needs and foster a community that is most interested in seeing you thrive. Starting you on a path to becoming your best self, you can look forward to Kundalini Yoga, Yoga Hour, 'Real Men' Do Yoga, Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga + Education, Holistic Health Coaching, Community Cleanses and more! 

Be on the look out for instructor announcements as well as a final schedule next week. I look forward to seeing you in September! 

Your patience and loving support have guided us to this point.

With Love + Gratitude,

Posted on August 27, 2014 .

Should You Go Gluten-Free?

We get a lot of questions from clients about going gluten-free. It’s no surprise, given the sudden popularity of gluten-free living. We all know someone who has sworn off gluten, and more and more grocery stores are stocking gluten-free products. But is a gluten-free diet right for everyone? We answer your most burning questions below.

What is gluten, anyway?

Gluten is one of the main proteins found in wheat, barley and rye. Therefore, anyone going on a gluten-free diet must avoid all products and food containing wheat, barley and rye and their derivatives as well as wheat additives in processed foods. Many people are surprised to find that wheat is in virtually every processed food out there, from frozen foods to “health” bars to breakfast cereals to chips to salad dressings.

Who should consider a gluten-free diet?

Those who have celiac disease, are gluten intolerant or have a wheat allergy, as diagnosed by a doctor. For most of us, gluten is not an issue. According to WebMD, experts estimate that about 1% of Americans have celiac disease, a condition caused by an abnormal immune response to gluten that can damage the lining of the small intestine and lead to significant issues with malabsorption and malnutrition.

Celiac sufferers may experience severe symptoms, including diarrhea, anemia, bone pain and severe rash. Others who experience sensitivity to gluten without actually having celiac disease may have similar symptoms, but without the gut damage. The only way to know if you have celiac disease is to be tested.

But can a gluten-free diet benefit the rest of us?

Here’s the thing: we believe the reason so many converts have claimed significant health benefits in going gluten-free may be more simple than even they realize. In their efforts to sidestep gluten, dieters often end up trading highly processed foods (also containing huge amounts of fats, salt, sugar and additives) for fresh food made from more healthy ingredients. And therein lies the answer! When you pursue a diet filled with fruits, vegetables, poultry, fish, nuts, beans and legumes, you’re bound to feel better, lose weight and improve your overall health.

And guess what? It doesn’t mean you have to completely cut out gluten. If you aren’t experiencing any sensitivity issues, we say go ahead and enjoy that sandwich on rye, a luscious grain bowl with barley and, yes, the occasional buttery croissant. So long as you say sayonara to overly processed, packaged foods and turn to fresh and minimally processed ingredients instead, you’ll be just fine.

6 Tips to Slowing Down and Enjoying Life

Often, we find ourselves feeling stressed out or detached from the present moment, too caught up in the business of our daily lives to even notice it before it happens. But what if we told you there are small changes you can make to your routine that will help you slow down, tune in and find greater joy in life? Follow our 6 simple tips to create more peaceful, conscious-filled moments in your day.

1. Start your day slowly.

It’s worth getting up a few minutes earlier than necessary, so you aren’t rushing to work in a frenzy. Stretch, enjoy a cup of coffee, read, listen to music, meditate or exercise. Do whatever it is that’s going to make you feel relaxed and calm before you meet the demands of the day.  

2. Enjoy your food.

Whether you’re eating on the run or at your desk while you complete that spreadsheet, you’re not relishing the food that fuels your body -- or paying attention to how it makes you feel. While sometimes taking a quick lunch might be necessary, it too often becomes a habit. Eat slower. Be mindful of each bite. You’ll find yourself eating less and making healthier choices -- and being happier for it.

3. Uplug.

Technology is such a huge part of our daily lives, from social networking to email to apps to web-surfing. But our minds can lose focus fast, meandering through a scattered landscape of information, products and ideas. Try setting aside a half hour of your normal internet time to focus on a new hobby or do a few yoga poses instead. You’ll feel more mentally refreshed.

4. Get outside.

Studies show the closer you live to nature, the healthier you’re likely to be. So carve time out during your day to get in some green time. Believe it or not, it takes as little as five minutes of walking in a park, working in a garden or hiking on a trail to benefit your mind and body.

5. Connect with family and friends.

It’s so easy to put off family and friends during busy times in your life. But that’s when you need them most! It’s so important to make the time to catch up with loved ones. Meet your partner for lunch during the workday. Grab coffee with a coworker. Make dinner plans with your girlfriends. And when you do, put away your phone, listen and share. You’ll be glad you did.

photo 4-16.JPG

6. Treat yourself.

Find what brings you pleasure and make it a ritual, whether it’s taking a long bath, starting a book, cooking a new recipe or taking a yoga class. Instead of thinking of such indulgences as life’s little luxuries, consider them essentials to making you happy.