5 Myths About Yoga

5 Myths About Yoga

5 Myths About Yoga

We hear all sorts of reasons why people don't do yoga. So here are my top 5 myths about yoga and why they simply aren't true:

1. "I'm not flexible".

NEWSFLASH: Flexibility is not a requirement to start practicing yoga but yoga will help you gain flexibility.

2. "Dudes don't do yoga. It's not manly."

If four time MVP winner LeBron James doing yoga to keep up his NBA game isn't manly enough, then I don't know what is. 

3. "Black people don't do yoga".

Please See: Om Point Yoga followed by our personal favorites: Chelsea Loves YogaAnacostia YogiFaith Hunter Yoga and Black Yogis.

4. "I'm a Christian, so I can't do yoga."

Hint: Yoga is not a religion.

5. "I'm too old to do that kind of exercise."

Yoga practice (postures, specifically) is one of the few forms of physical activity that can be engaged throughout the lifespan. Classes such as gentle yoga, restorative yoga and recently, Wisdom Warriors can be great options for aging adults depending on your level of yoga experience.

What myths keep you or have kept you from doing yoga and how do you debunk them?


Posted on August 8, 2013 and filed under Yoga.