Make Your Own All-Natural Spring Spritzer

Contrary to popular belief, citrus fruits are winter fruits and are best enjoyed during the winter months. However, spring is considered the second-best season for these fruits, which are high in Vitamin C and perfect for aiding in any spring detox program. With only a few official weeks left to spring, I wanted to share my super simple recipe for an all-natural citrus spritzer with you. For those who find it difficult to tolerate citrus juice, the sparkling mineral water in this recipe helps to reduce the acidity making it easier on your digestive system. When I did my 40-day juice fast last year, I always diluted my juices 50/50 with water. This made it easier for my system to assimilate the nutrients while simultaneously increasing my water intake. 

The last time I made a citrus spritzer, I used a combination of Valencia Oranges and Pink Grapefruits for the citrus juice, but you can use almost any fresh fruit juice for your spritzer. I’ve found Blood oranges, which are only in season December to March, to be particularly delicious.

I’m always an advocate for eating seasonal, organic, locally grown produce. Seasonal produce doesn't just taste better, it is more nutritious because it's harvested during peak times, offers more variety, and is better for the planet. Food grown locally doesn't have to travel thousands of miles, which reduces environmental pollutants. Finally, organic food is better because it is free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals. 

Citrus spritzers are not only great for casual afternoons with friends or family, they also serve as a fun, affordable, not to mention healthy, beverage for a get-together or party on a beautiful spring day. Even my 5-year-old approves!


12 oz fresh, organic citrus juice 

4-6 oz sparkling mineral water (adjust according to how much fizz you want)



Posted on May 15, 2013 and filed under Recipes, Wellness.