Pink Lemonade

Juicing is all about experimentation and having fun. I came up with this fantastic juice combo during my 21 Day Juice Cleanse in April and decided it's way too good not to share. Try this {organic} Pink Lemonade recipe, and let me know what you think. Your life will never be the same!

Pink Lemonade

3 Fuji apples2 lemons1/4 head of purple cabbage

I've been on a Fuji apple kick for a few months, but you are welcome to substitute any kind you like.

I was also delighted to find that I didn't need to use my citrus juicer with this recipe. As a busy mompreneur, I'm all about anything that saves time and energy in the kitchen. In order to avoid juicing your lemons separately, simply shave them (roughly) with a knife, leaving parts of the peel, and send them through your juicer with the apples and cabbage. It gives your juice a nice zing when juicing the lemons this way, making it taste more like fresh squeezed lemonade!

Finally, play with the portions for the purple cabbage. Depending on how large the head of cabbage, you may find you need to use less.


Posted on April 29, 2013 and filed under Wellness, Recipes.