Tips for Daily Gratitude Practice

November has been amazing! We've enjoyed sharing #DailyGratitude with you all this month. A big THANK YOU to everyone in helping us reach over 500 Likes on Facebook!

We hope you will continue this daily attitude of gratitude. Here are a few tips to help you express gratitude everyday:

1. Gratitude Jar: grab any jar and label or decorate it as your gratitude jar. Everyday, write down at least one thing you are grateful for and drop it into your jar. 2. Gratitude Journal: you can purchase or make your own gratitude journal. Record what you are grateful for daily. 3. Daily Gratitude Meditation: sit for 5 mins, breathing in "Thank" and breathing out "You". 4. Awake Gratitude: when you wake up, silently or aloud say "Today I am thankful for [fill in the blank]". 5. Read a daily quote, poem, phrase, etc that reminds you to be grateful. Sign up to receive daily gratitude e-mails (i.e.

Posted on November 30, 2013 and filed under Gratitude, Meditations, Wellness.