Welcoming the Winter Solstice

If you're feeling a little out of sync and demotivated right now, you're not the only one. I’ve observed over the years that despite all of the holiday cheer, I find it the most difficult to stay focused and motivated during this time of year. I used to dread the winter months not only for the shorter days, but for the cold weather and winter blues. I noticed at a very young age that the energy around me and within me didn’t seem to be as high as during other seasons. This is a direct result of fact that emotional, mental and physical vitality are reduced when receiving less sunlight.  I’m a summer baby born in June, so I’ve always claimed the summertime as my favorite time of year. But this year I claimed fall. I love, love, LOVE watching the leaves change and feeling the high energy from the summer begin to settle. However, winter has traditionally been a very challenging time of year from a mental perspective for me. With this awareness, I chose to take a different approach and find ways to get on top of what has been known to weigh me down in the past. “How?” you ask. Here are my top 3 tips.

  1. PLAN AHEAD. Start planning now (but as soon as October) for next year. Planning helps to reduce anxiety about dreaded tasks and gives you a sense of empowerment when you otherwise might feel helpless. I sat down with Shavonna and my mastermind group a couple of weeks ago and created a quarterly and monthly plan for 2014. (Yay, me!)
  2. STICK WITH POSITIVE PEOPLE. Surround yourself with positive, supportive, motivated people. You’d be surprised how much other people experience similar challenges as you. Rather than allowing yourself to wallow in self-pity alone, stay close to family and friends that help keep you motivated and focused.
  3. RE-CONNECT WITH NATURE. This seemingly simple act has made all the difference in the world for me this year. If we are willing to pay attention, the natural rhythms of nature tell us almost everything we need to know about our lives. That’s why I’ve decided to observe the Winter Solstice on December 21 this year.

I know. I KNOW. As a yogi, there is a lot of hype around this solstice and that equinox... this moon and that energy... but maybe it’s for a good reason. Although I’ve been an au-na-tur-al gal for years, it’s taken me some time to really understand and appreciate the importance of honoring  and harvesting the divine energy during this time of year.

“In (the most) Ancient Egypt every man and woman was told that the goal in life was to perfect your Divinity and the best time to make the greatest changes in our lives is during the Winter Solstice. The real New Year is Dec. 25. Our spiritual receptivity is greatest during the Solstice.”   -Ra Un Nefer Amen, Author of Metu Neter

Based on her studies and work with Ra Un Nefer Amen Akua Auset is offering a winter solstice prep that I’m taking part in. Check her out and join me if you can - there’s still time!   One of the most profound revelations that Akua shared are the reasons why we may feel the way we do during this time.  

“The amount of energy coming into us is reduced from June 25 - Dec. 21. The seeds of habit within us weaken. It reaches the greatest point of weakness 21 - 24 Dec. (Those four days there is no movement, no change.) This reduction in vitality and life force within us during this [time] translates to less resistance to change. Vitality begins to rise again after 25 Dec.

Solstice is the most receptive time of Spirit. [You are] now capable of receiving instruction for change. There are no weakened forces. The psychic behavior and seeds of change for habit is very low. Resistance to change is really low, psychically speaking the will to achieve something is during the winter solstice.”

So, in the Ancient Egyptian tradition the time to positively program your mind through reflection and  meditation is during the Winter Solstice. What you sew during this time is what you will reap in the New Year when you are working to set your resolutions and intentions into motion. Be conscious with your thoughts, words and deeds. 

“Put truth and laws in your mind during the solstice. Through Self-examination 30-40 days preceding the winter solstice (4 days). After the solstice through Jan. 7 you have another 12 days to devote self to solidifying changes and gains that you made... This is the time to put yourself in the position to manifest... Don’t ask for things. Ask for the power to create.”


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Posted on December 18, 2013 and filed under Wellness.