Yoga Everywhere | Kenya + Jonathan

FEATURING: Om Point Yogis, Kenya and Jonathan 


 Road trip from Atlanta to Wisconsin (Wind Turbine pitctures taken in Illinois. Lighthouse pictures taken in Wisconsin.)

Kenya has been practicing yoga on and off for ten years. Her first love is salsa dancing but when a knee & ankle injury threatened her moves, her MD suggested she cross train with yoga, swimming or tennis. Kenya now swims and does yoga weekly to support her salsa dancing. She has even gotten her boyfriend, Jonathan, to do yoga with her. 

Jonathan has an athletic background and prefers poses that are more strenuous and focus on balance, hence the solid Tree Pose he is rocking in the pics. While road tripping to the Midwest, Kenya and Jonathan took a few stretch breaks with some yoga poses and snapped some cool pics! We've heard the saying that "a couple that does yoga together, stays together!" 

Thanks for sharing, Kenya and Jonathan!

How do you get your yoga in while traveling? Please feel free to share your pics and stories with us!

Posted on September 16, 2013 and filed under Yoga.