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I can’t begin to tell you how much I love these teas!! I enjoy them cold or hot. They help to ease my pre-menstrual symptoms, they are very refreshing after a workout and I notice that I recover better when I drink them after exercising. I highly recommend them!
— Adrianne B.
I started drinking Vanya’s tea in the 3rd trimester of my 3rd pregnancy. I really wish I would have known about this tea sooner. My swollen feet and “normal” pregnancy aches and pains were no more. I ended up having a C-section for the 3rd time. This time my recovery was not as bad. I know that drinking this tea daily aided in the process. My milk flow also came in the same day I delivered. This did not happen after my first 2 deliveries. I’m grateful to have found out about this, and continued to drink them even after giving birth. Among all the MANY benefits, the aid with getting through the 4th trimester (post partum) has been the most beneficial to me.
— Elicia R.
Toward the end of my first pregnancy I was dealing with severe fatigue. I was given the recommendation that Cherished Teas could help. Thankfully I took the recommendation and started taking the teas around 32 weeks. Cherished Teas help me have more energy and strength to make it through the day. They were also very healing and nourishing in my postpartum as I needed to replenish essential vitamins and minerals. Thank you, Vanya for Cherished Teas!
— Arletta P.
The ‘LifeVest’ I wore was designed to shock me back-to- life if my heart stopped. After one (1) bottle of Cherished Tea my energy level improved... After one week (6 bottles) my heart function rose and I no longer wear the LifeVest nor heart monitor. Thank you Vanya for Cherished Tea!!!
— Beatrice C.
Cherished Teas changed my life. I was a first time older mom that struggled with infertility and thanks to IVF I was finally able to conceive. Because of all the medicine in my body I felt my milk wasn’t coming in the way “it should have.” But it was important to me that my son receive the best nutrition he could and that was my breast milk. I tried everything the traditional doctors recommended but nothing was changing.

By the GRACE of God and social media, I learned about Cherished Teas. I reached out to Vanya immediately. Because she’s a mom that understood my desires and such a caring person we connected right away. Once I started the teas, my milk was flowing like the Chattahoochee River! It was like a miracle... or another blessing from God.

I was so thankful to Vanya and what she allowed me to accomplish. I highly recommend Vanya and Cherished Teas. You will be forever thankful!
— Stephanie J.H.
Cherished Teas are GOODNESS in a bottle. As someone with fibroids and an iron deficiency, I’ve found that these teas make my cycle more manageable. I’m able to drink them for nausea and energy. I can’t tell you “why” they work— I just know that they do. And they’re delicious!!! #blackwombmagic
— Chiquita L.
Vanya puts all of her energy into Cherished Teas. These teas helped me so much during my pregnancy. Not only are they super delicious they have so many great benefits. They helped with reducing the swelling in my feet and gave me something other than water to drink, thank goodness. These teas should be available everywhere!
— ReShanda H.
I loved drinking Cherished Teas throughout my pregnancy. I was pleasantly surprised by the sweet and refreshing taste. Thanks to Vanya’s thorough explanation of the health properties and benefits to Cherished Teas, I knew drinking the teas regularly helped me have a healthy body and a healthy baby.
— Briona T.
I purchased a 6-pack of the Cherished Teas for a few reasons; I was interested in the beneficial herbs they contain for a healthy pregnancy. I’m also guilty of not getting enough fluids in, and upon Vanya’s recommendation of the teas for my nasal congestion that would not go away, I was sold! I can honestly say the teas taste good, and after drinking one a day, my nasal congestion was significantly less! I would purchase again and recommend to others!
— Aja H.
I love drinking Cherished Teas during my pregnancy and now with my postpartum recovery. The natural ingredients are exactly what I need to help with breastfeeding and restoring my body after giving birth to my first child.
— Natalia C.
These teas were game changers for me after having several miscarriages and being on complete bed rest with my 4th pregnancy. I needed to strengthen and tone my uterus without causing contractions so it was an emotionally and physically challenging endeavor. Cherished Teas saved my life, and now that my healthy baby is here, his too. I’m so grateful!
— L. Nzingha S.