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Mother's Day Magic with Vanya Francis

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No matter what the circumstance or relationship with your mother, we are all here because a woman gave birth to us. Mother’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate the divine feminine energy responsible for your very life, all those who have mothered, and perhaps your own motherhood journey. Women undoubtedly make the world go round. On this day, we celebrate them. We celebrate you!

Join Vanya for Mother’s Day Magic, a special gentle, restorative yoga and sound therapy session accompanied by the musical gifts of Samantha Stokes. Leave feeling deeply renewed and transformed having been reminded of your innate purpose, power and mystical nature. This practice is for all women, particularly those who are prenatal, postnatal and beyond. A special ** Mother’s Blessing ** will take place for all in attendance. Sweet vegan light bites and beverages provided by Dulce Vegan Bakery and Cherished Teas.

More about Vanya:

Vanya Francis is founder of Cherished Life, a boutique, Atlanta-based yoga and wellness company for women. She is also a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Yoga Instructor specializing in Prenatal Yoga. Deeply inspired by her students, Vanya’s goal is to empower them to achieve greater self-awareness, balance and wholeness of being. 

Off the mat, Vanya is a mother to two beautiful, light-filled children, Taraja and Tunde. Her work as a mother and partner of 10 years informs her light-hearted, compassionate teaching style and encourages women to exercise the same deal of care, kindness and love for self as they do for others. Vanya’s gift as a teacher lies in her ability to create a safe, nurturing space for women to heal, grow and ultimately thrive in their daily lives. She believes yoga is meant to positively transform your life and relationships.

More about Samantha:

Samantha Stokes is a wild woman living in Bat Cave, NC. She has found a way to thrive by living simply and being still at her homestead on the mountain. Singing all her life, she has met herself deeply through vocal toning, chanting mantra, and singing in harmonies. Samantha shows up in full presence so to meet the music of the moment and channel it through in a pure way, as an instrument of the divine. She becomes a diviner of harmony, at one with her instruments. The resounding intention that leads the sound offering is “May everyone get what they need; may we all open up to receive the love that we are”. Her tools are crystal singing bowls, (pure quartz and alchemy), Tibetan singing bowls, tingsha chimes, buffalo skin drum, handcrafted didgeridoo, rattles and shakers, and a unity harp.