Organic Herbal Iced T  eas for   Women's Wellness, Pregnancy &   Breastfeeding

Organic Herbal Iced Teas for Women's Wellness, Pregnancy & Breastfeeding


Teas are just $5 each. Purchase a 6 pack for $30 and get one free for a week's supply! All orders are processed on Friday by 5 pm and available for pick up on Sunday. 


Cherished Teas are likened to a liquid vitamin. They are a convenient, revolutionary wellness beverage that benefits all women, especially during pregnancy and postpartum.  They are an important part of a woman's prenatal and postnatal care, and stimulate her system for optimal health in the following ways:

  • increase mineral absorption, high in essential vitamins
  • build blood supply
  • maximize the health of your vital organs
  • minimize common pregnancy complaints and possible complications during labor and postpartum:
    • relieve morning sickness and nausea
    • prevent bladder infections
    • balance intestinal flora
    • maintain normal blood pressure
    • prevent hemorrhoids and varicose veins
    • reduce fluid retention
    • aid in sleep
  • promote proper contractibility of the uterus
  • reduce the amount of bleeding postpartum
  • encourage and sustain milk supply

Cherished Teas are made with a powerful combination of organic herbs, flavored with fruit and lightly sweetened with organic beet sugar. It was important that these teas remain all natural without compromising taste so that all mamas everywhere can benefit from them. Not only are they good for you, they taste GREAT too!


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