I ordered my one day juice cleanse and it was absolutely amazing! It is impossible to pick my favorite. But I will definitely say that coffee addicts should definitely go for the BETTER THAN COFFEE and if you have a sweet tooth, drink up the ORANGE + GOLD. I’ve prepared my own juices in the past and this is the first time ever that my children happily drank green juice! These drinks are so delicious, you forget they are good for you! And it was obvious that my body was receiving all of the nutrients it needed, because I never felt hungry, nor did I have any cravings. I am a forever fan and will be placing my next order very soon.
— LaTonya W.
I have a very busy career and lifestyle and often don’t have time to grocery shop prior to the day I want to do a juice cleanse. I wind up delaying my cleanse, which is a vicious cycle because I never find the time to go grocery shopping. I often wind up going to local juice shops however they don’t offer juices made from organic ingredients, which is a big “No-No” in my book. Vanya’s juices not only taste great, she uses fresh, organic ingredients. An added plus are the too-cute mason jars they come in (an added souvenir), further reducing toxins from the ubiquitous plastic or Styrofoam cups used by the chain juice shops. This is service is a treat for those always “on the go” but want to remain health conscious while doing so.
— Deanine H.
When I decided to do the three day juice fast, I had already resigned myself to being hungry and cranky for three days. So much so, that I arranged to work from home the first day and complete the remaining two days over a weekend. I couldn’t have been more wrong! I was neither hungry nor cranky. In fact I was completely satisfied at all times and never felt cranky or out of sorts. The juices were delicious and there was a good variety of flavors (and colors!). One of the best benefits was not having to worry about preparing any meals for three days. Do you have any idea how much time that saves you? I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I might even go for seven days next time!
— Valeria L.
I am a thirty something individual with a clean bill of health. I own a boxing & fitness gym and come across people from all walks of life. All with a common goal of getting better. In January I embarked on a 21 day juice fast. I was extremely reluctant and almost didn’t participate. Hear me when I say that juicing has changed my life!!! I hadn’t felt that good since my teenage years. My body began to detox itself, my complexion cleared up and although it wasn’t a goal, I lost16 lbs in 21 days!

The body is an amazing machine and with the proper nourishment, exercise and regular maintenance, can do AMAZING things. I got started with the folks at Om Point Yoga. Great health coaching and they will even deliver your juices to you (within the Atlanta area). You have to experience the transformation for yourself!
— Taiye S.